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shadowJPEG screenshot. shadowJPEG - drag and drop image conversion to JPEG in a snap
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autohiding conversion window and corner customization

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shadowJPEG is a small utility that converts most graphical files dropped onto it into a JPEG formatted file. shadowJPEG runs without showing up in the dock and can be customized to appear in any of the four screen corners. All you have to do is move your mouse over the area shadowJPEG is hiding in to make it appear and then drag a file onto it and press convert.

shadowJPEG lets you easily convert screenshots from PDF format to JPEG so you can mail them out more easily or send them over iChat. shadowJPEG will save the newly converted JPEG file to the same location as the source file was but adds the .jpg extension.

shadowJPEG was discontinued on december 1st, 2004.

With shadowJPEG, you can
convert most graphical file formats to jpeg format

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