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shadowIP has gained functionality over past releases and lots of user requests have been added. Please send us your thoughts so we can complement shadowIP with more features that really make the difference: the features you need. We aim to please.

"Great app!!!! "
     micha221– VersionTracker Review

"good software! download it now!"
     av11d– VersionTracker Review

"that's one good program!"
     JoeRHaQ– VersionTracker Review


"Hi people, the reason this software is worth paying for is for what you get over the 'free' stuff. 1. It is Dynamic, unlike 'Dock IP'. (For beginners, this means that it will update itself automatically when you change locations and your ip address. 2. You can customise it for different interfaces. This is great if you have an Airport or Router and have multiple active interfaces which can be renamed and displayed in realtime. 3. It can float on the desktop, the dock can be painful, enough said. 4. It has great support, worth every bit of $7.50."
     gaz– VersionTracker Review

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