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shadowIP is a multiple IP address monitoring utility that displays your IP addresses on either your desktop or as a status menu item.shadowIP can be customized to display all IP addresses of your Mac, or only the one you need.

IP menuThe power of shadowIP lies in its simplicity and straightforwardness. shadowIP can operate in Faceless Mode, meaning it won't show up in your dock. shadowIP displays your IP addresses on either your desktop or in the status menu area of your Mac OS X system.

shadowIP runs perfectly without the need of configuration, but you may however customize its performance and interface any way you might see fit. Setting display typefaces, text and window colors, text alignment and different IP selections are just a few of shadowIP's customizable features. shadowIP is always there when you need it, and never in your way.

Start using shadowIP and you will soon discover how easy it makes living and working in a multi network environment. It's the perfect solution for a class full of Macs or an office environment with different ethernet and AirPort networks. Even the occasional home user can benefit from shadowIP's operation.

Status menushadowIP displays all your IP addresses (localhost address, ethernet address, AirPort address and any other you might have) as shadowed text on the desktop. You can freely move the display around, change colors and add a window background if you so please. But if you think that this small footstep still takes up too much of your precious screen space, shadowIP offer the option to place a small menu item into Mac OS X's status menu – the part of your menu bar that hosts monitor, sound, AirPort and iChat settings. This status item can either be a small icon IP menu, your computer's name as set in the system preferences' sharing pane Computer name menu or the name of the current logged in user Logged in user menu (the latter two can also be added to the desktop representation). Clicking on the status item brings up a menu with all your current available IP addresses. Selecting one item will put the IP address on your pasteboard so you can easily paste it when you need to give out your IP address to your friend.

shadowIP can monitor all your IP addresses, or just selected ones, so you can always se with just a glance when your IP address changes, which can be very helpfull if your ISP changes your IP very often and you happen to run your Mac as a server occasionally. shadowIP even has an InternetIP feature, which shows you how websites and others on the net can identify or see you as.

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shadowIP has tons of customizable features, which can be accessed through its preferences. You can open up the preferences window by hitting command-; or by selecting Preferences... from either shadowIP's application menu or its dock menu.

With shadowIP, you can
Monitor all your IP addresses conveniently from your desktop or from your status bar
Customize the way the IP addresses are shown
Run shadowIP in faceless mode so it won't show up in the dock
Easily copy any of your IP addresses
See when any of your IP addresses change
Automatically get updated on changing IP address as you switch locations
Set the intervals at which the IP addresses get updated

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