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shadowGoogle has evolved in many ways since the first public beta. stupidFish programming is working hard to satisfy every user and we have added user requested features like automatic hiding, always on top and a helper button for easier location switching. Version 3.0 has introduced long-requested features like a customizable show/hide hotkey and the ability to add your own custom search engines. We aim to please.

"Very nice update, the custom search option seams to work like promised. The nice new icon and other small cosmetic changes give this app a new fresh look. This app is worth every penny in my opinion, it's small, efficient and flexible."
     Anonymus – MacUpdate Review

"I agree the little helper button and the fact that it now shows the search location make this app so much easier to use. Best update yet :-)"
     kovacs – VersionTracker Review

"i LOVE this release. As of this version, it kicks Searchling's ass. Gotta try it to see. Perfect simple utility. Took me 30 seconds of using it to decide it's worth 7.50."
     jcx – VersionTracker Review

"I love it! The author is really responsive and I'm very happy with the improvements from 2.0 to 2.0.1."
     torrance – VersionTracker Review

"In more than 15 years of using commercial, shareware, and freeware, I've never known an author more helpful and more responsive than Ben (Benjámin Salánki at stupidFish programming). Since ShadowGoogle 1.0 even through 1.5, I had a strange problem that nobody else seemed to have -- ShadowGoogle would quit shortly after startup (when it was in my auto-start items in the login prefs). Even though I seemed to be the only person that this affected, Ben was very persistent. He finally nailed the problem and solved it. ShadowGoolgle now autolaunches for me correctly. I give ShadowGoogle 5 stars for its simplicity and usefulness, and I award Ben another 5 stars for being the nicest, most persistent software developer I've ever dealt with in 15 years. Thanks, Ben."
      davidc – VersionTracker Review

"Great Version!!!!! Great as Always!!!!"
     Razzledazzle – VersionTracker Review

"Wow, total UI improvement from 2.0.x (which wasn't bad). Thanks for upgrade."
     psandiford – VersionTracker Review

"Absolutely great fantastic tool !!!!"
     micha221 – VersionTracker Review

"Awsome! I emailed the author about a change I wanted to see, and look! It is in there after only a couple of days. Great job! I love this app. I can search the web so much faster, so much more efficient!"
     dombi – VersionTracker Review

"Still a great little app. Other search interfaces have nothing on it."
     amwalters – VersionTracker Review

"I have been using Google more and more, and having direct access to it via this neat little app. is a boon. I am happy as a clam with this gem."
     sgoldste – VersionTracker Review

"Very cool!"
     bbum – comment

" Still an indispensible app for only $7.50! That's cheaper than a pda app! The additions of new searches (including version tracker) and the ability to remember your recent searches are awesome!"
     dunqun – VersionTracker Review

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