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shadowGoogle screenshot. shadowGoogle - The power of all search engines at your fingertips.
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Show/hide hotkey, custom searches and full panther compatibility.

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shadowGoogle is a desktop search interface that gives you access to your favorite search sites right from your desktop, allowing you to start Google, Apple, Yahoo!, Version Tracker, eBay, Pricewatch or any other searches fast and easy, without the hassle to find a browser window. You name it, shadowGoogle finds it. shadowGoogle is the perfect solution for both the power user and the occasional web surfer.

The power of shadowGoogle lies in its simplicity and straightforwardness. With an option to run in Faceless Mode, i.e. without showing up in the Dock – which is rather crowded on most Macs anyway – it can be present without being in the way. It can even reside in the status menu area of your Mac OS X system, next to the AirPort, Monitor and Sound settings and your Menu Bar clock. A simple click on the shadowGoogle status icon reveals the search box and all you have to do is start typing your query. After hitting enter the search box vanishes and a browser window will appear automatically and will show your search results. And if you need precious status bar space or think that even the small, 16x16 pixel status item is too big, you can turn it off and use a customizable hotkey to bring up the search box. It's this easy.

Google prefsshadowGoogle needs absolutely no configuration to run, but it has plenty of user customizable features to offer. Faceless Mode operation, helper buttons, optional hide on deactivation, a customizable show/hide hotkey are just a few of the general appearance features you can customize and thus make shadowGoogle perform the way you want it to. And each search engine has even more customizable features, such as display language settings for Google searches or search filtering for Apple Developer Connection searches or platform specification for Version Tracker searches. And version 3.0 is not just a simple maintenance release over the previous 2.x versions, it introduces a brand new custom search interface. With the help of this brand new feature you can now add your own search engines to shadowGoogle with your own custom names and key combinations. Suddenly shadowGoogle has become som much more. It has become the entry point to the loads and loads of information on the internet. An it all starts right from your desktop. shadowGoogle is always there when you need it, and never in your way.

Start using shadowGoogle and you may soon start to wonder how you ever managed to work without its simplicity. No browser windows, no clutter on the desktop, just a clean search interface. All you need is an idea what to search for.

Interface prefsshadowGoogle's interface is – just like all stupidFish applications – highly customizable. You can set anything from display font typeface and size through search box coordinates and size to whether the box and the text should cast a shadow or not. You can even set the search box to float above all windows so you can always start a search no matter how many windows you have on your screen.

Application prefsWhat could make your searching even easier and more fun to do? The host of features that shadowGoogle boasts with. If you desire so you can set shadowGoogle to put the clipboards contents in its search box once the application becomes active, thus you can copy a search term from a document or web page and just switch to shadowGoogle and hit enter. The search will start automatically. It gets even easier with the brand new, customizable global hotkey you can assign to show/hide shadowGoogle introduced with version 3.0. You can even set to display a helper buton to switch between search locations if you don't fancy remembering those key shortcuts. And if you don't like the way that shadowGoogle disappears after every search you can set shadowGoogle to be always visible. It's all up to you. shadowGoogle makes it all possible.

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Custom Search Engines
shadowGoogle offers you the ability to add your own search engines, like searches for example. Or anything you can come up with. Just add a new item to shadowGoogle's custom searches preferences, supply a name for the search engine, add the search URL and pu the characters %@ where the query string would go and optionally add a key shortcut so you can quickly jump to the new search site, and you are ready to go. It's this easy.

With shadowGoogle, you can
Easily start searches on Google, Apple, Yahoo!, Version Tracker, eBay, Price Watch or any other search site
Translate web pages
Start a search without having to search for a browser window

shadowGoogle Feedback

Tell us Help us make shadowGoogle even better. We’d love to hear from you.

application iconshadowGoogle 3.0 has a brand new application icon designed by Joerie Mortelmans.

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