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shadowDisk monitors free and used space information of all your volumes and partitions in a convenient, unobtrusive way. shadowDisk can display the info you want in the way you want it: either in megabytes, or gigabytes or even in percentile values. It even allows you to customize the way it displays its data.

shadowDisk offers you the ability to know exactly how much free space you have on all your partitions each, or combined on all of them - with just a glance. shadowDisk displays your used and free space the way you want it to be displayed: its preferences offer numerous ways to shape shadowDisk's operation to your needs.

You can set the window background color (if you don't like the default clear background), the text color and wether the window should drop a shadow. Also you can set shadowDisk to run in Faceless Mode, so it won't take up precious space in your dock. And if you feel the display on the desktop is too easily moved by accident, you can turn off mouse click tracking and the display will stay exactly where you want it to be.

Start using shadowDisk and you may soon start to wonder how you ever managed to work without the convinient display on your desktop. It's like having a monitoring app running all the time, just without the hassle of another icon in the dock and another window that is always in your way.

If you still think that the display on your desktop takes up too much of your precious screen space, you can turn it off, and rather use shadowDisk's status item to know exactly how much more free space you have for gigabytes of your music or digital video footage. Now that you know how much space you have, you're in control. What you do with this power is up to you.


shadowDisk preferences
shadowDisk offers convenient customizability through its preferences. Features include the ability to switch to Faceless Mode – so shadowDisk won't show up in the dock – and an animated bar in your status menu showing either your free or your used space.

With shadowDisk, you can
Keep track of your used and free space conveniently on your desktop
Display used or free space values in your status bar

shadowDisk Feedback

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