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shadowClipboard has gained functionality over past releases and lots of user requests have been added. Please send us your thoughts so we can complement shadowClipboard with more features that really make the difference: the features you need. We aim to please.

"This is THE clipboard manager to get and the one Apple SHOULD have designed. VERY well executed and well worth the [price]. If you cut and paste a lot, you need this immediately!"
     Mayhem! – VersionTracker Review

"Very nice update and well worth the asking price. A power user's tool."
     slob – VersionTracker Review

"All improved - good new look (including icon - which can now be replaced too!) - being able to use keyboard shortcuts makes this what I always wanted from a CB manager. They're very responsive over there too. And it's a free update for current registered users!"
     yoxi – VersionTracker Review

"my favorite clipboard utility and i've tried them all. powerful, yet with a simplistic interface that doesn't overwhelm. i used to enjoy PTHClipboard, but since it's no longer offered, this is absolutely the best around. highly recommended!"
     donikatz – VersionTracker Review

"This app does exactly what it says it does and it does it unobtrusively, effectively and inexpensively."
     chile9 – VersionTracker Review

"Delivers splendidly on what it promises to do. And shadowClipboard runs as a hidden application, not a mysterious system pref, which I also like."
     Sprindle1 – VersionTracker Review

"Schweet!!! Great customer response from developer. Watch out for the next release. We're talking speed baby speed!"
     MachoManX – VersionTracker Review

"It's pretty and it works quite nicely."
     AtuGuy – VersionTracker Review

"Sweet...nicely done!"
     baxsur – VersionTracker Review

"Simple and very very needed. For me this app saves a lot of work. Great. Thanks."
     Vaclav – VersionTracker Review

"Great app. Works great, very very useful."
      Douglas – VersionTracker Review

"Perfect implementation of a needed concept. I've tried other multi-clipboard apps - none work as efficiently (both in terms of space and effort)."
     kenethben – VersionTracker Review

"I've used PTH Pasteboard, and I'm a registered Copy-Paste X user. This app has the potential to beat them both - especially in the "advanced" mode, which has a nice three-pane display."
     Luhmann – VersionTracker Review

"Very nice interface!"
     Eric Pierre – comment

"Nice execution. First time trying this (1.1). Coming from PTHPasteboard and I've tried CopyPaste. Both do the job but the interfaces are not as nice to look at and a little confusing. "
     Macho Man X – forum user

"Together with Maxmenus and Airwhisper, the most wonderful app ever to grace the mac."
     Anonymous – MacUpdate Review

"Just Great!!! Very straight forward, flexible, you can even set in the preferences wether you want to paste immediatly or keep in clipboard (e.g. to paste accross networking in a windows system). I tried several other software and always returned to this one. With the window-option its snappier, but as I said its flexible to adapt to your needs. Thank you very much!"
     AnonymousMacUpdate Review

"I bought it a day after download. It has the perfect mix of features and simplicity, fantastic interface too.'
     cocoaNut – VersionTracker Review


"This is in my top-3 must have utilities. Fast, versatile and unobtrusive. Totally brilliant. And the price is just right too!! Thanks a lot!"
     macsterdamMacUpdate Review

"Fantastic upgrade, great new features. Long time user and couldn't live without it."
     DouglasMacUpdate Review

"I've been a long time registered user of ShadowClipboard (after PTHClipboard vanished) and have always liked the interface better then the other clipboard/pasteboard managers. This new version rocks. Keep up the great work."
     nciancaMacUpdate Review

"I love this new version, the ability to assign every key combo to every function is just amazing, you can very quickly see your 10 latest clipboards and paste any one of them with one key, you can even share clipboards over a network... This app is essential for any mac user and once you have mastered the different key combinations you'll see that you can't live without it anymore!"
     kovacsMacUpdate Review

"Nothing but praise for this product. Powerful, elegant, fast and cheap. Switched from pth to this and can honestly say this is the best clipboard program I've ever used."
     MacsterdamMacUpdate Review

"Absolutely fantastic. I tried using iClip for a while, but quickly grew tired of the floating window palette. Shadow Clipboard doesn't do as much as iClip, but it handles the basics, and gets out of your way by tucking under the top OS menu bar, and can be engaged with a keyboard shortcut or mouse click. Perfect."
     PurpleBearMacUpdate Review

"Takes up no screen space, always available, and it just works. Highly recommended, especially for the very reasonable price."
     Charles Bouldin VersionTracker Review

"Simple to use, not full of un-needed features. Solid steady no surprises. Effective -- it does exactly what it says it does and does it well. Price is good too . Caddies & Rolls-Royce can get you from A to B or you take a bus/bike or walk. This package is a good old reliable Family Car. Top Marks."
     h.toelleVersionTracker Review

"Wow! I love it. I do not know how would I live without some of the utilities made by this author. Great ideas, great app, awsome customer support. Everything works nice, and smooth."
     dombi – VersionTracker Review

"Very nice, clean and it works."
     cocoaNut – VersionTracker Review

"I was using pthclipboard and have since switched to this, though it's not as speedy. The realtime clipboard previews was the clincher and probably the reason for the difference in speed. Would like to be able to change the menubar icon to something else, though that is not a deal breaker."
     s. stevens – VersionTracker Review

"I have high hope for this product. Very nice and simple."
     theBettsBro, Inc. – VersionTracker Review

"This just keeps getting better and better. The new enhancements are intuitive, and after a quick perusal of the readme, learned a number of things I could do. Nice."
     s. stevens – VersionTracker Review

"Shadowcliporard is the most intelligent way for a clipboard. Keep going. I enjoy it."
     Univ. Doz. Dr.Harry Merl – comment

"This app is too wonderful! How did you manage to create it, its totally awesome! Honk if you love this app :)"
     Peter – forum user

"good program"
     GandalfPrime – forum user

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