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The evolution of the clipboard is here. For years the clipboard has been an integral part of the Mac OS, but now shadowClipboard 3 redefines its functionality and takes the clipboard to the next level. With unlimited clipboard sets, clipboard sharing, clipboard filtering and clipboard set backups, suddenly there's so much more you can do with your clipboard.

shadowClipboard is the clipboard manager for Mac OS X that manages multiple clipboards in a convenient, unobtrusive way. shadowClipboard gives you access to files, pages of texts, images, pdf documents and all other data you have copied a few minutes or a week ago.

The power of shadowClipboard lies in its simplicity and straightforwardness. Rather than placing itself into the Dock - which is rather crowded on most Macs anyway - it resides in the status menu area of your Mac OS X system, next to the AirPort, Monitor and Sound settings and your Menu Bar clock. Or if your status menu is crowded as well you can opt to access shadowClipboard using fully customizable hotkey combinations and disable the status item as well.
shadowClipboard advanced mode

shadowClipboard works in the backround, leaving you to worry about the things that matter the most - your own ones. shadowClipboard needs absolutely no configuration to run, but it has plenty of user customizable features to offer. Window visibility, number of pasteboards to store and the ability to append copied items to the clipboard's contents, to name just a few. Preferences general settingsYou can set shadowClipboard to suit your private needs, whether you want to save the last hundred copies you made or want to exclude image copies to save precious memory and disk space is all up to you. You can even customize its status item if you don't like the one that comes standard. shadowClipboard is always there when you need it, and never in your way.

Start using shadowClipboard and you may soon start to wonder how you ever managed to work with the rather limiting option of Mac OS X's single clipboard. It's the perfect solution for anyone who does lots of copying and pasting - developers who work with lots of code, image editing professionals with tons of images and the occasional home user.

shadowClipboard simple modeshadowClipboard offers two interfaces. Simple Mode is the default, it offers a high contrast interface similar to the Mac OS X application switcher interface. With Simple Mode you can manage your clipboards and sets just as you would in Advanced mode, but only a maximum of 15 items per clipboard sets are displayed this way.

Advanced mode offers a list of copied items and a resizable preview section and you can display up to 100 items per clipboard sets.Small overlay buttonsIn Simple Mode shadowClipboard you can not only paste selected clips, but paste them as plain text or remove them using a special translucent overlay button group. Accessing the preferences, removing all clipboards and quiting is also easily achived thanks to the intuitive buttons on the left.

shadowClipboard's Advanced Mode uses a special sheet-like interface that slides down beautifully from underneath the Mac OS X menu bar and slides out of your way when its not needed anymore.

Preferences shortcuts

shadowClipboard even offers fully customizable hotkeys that enable you to tailor shadowClipboard to your needs. Totally reworked since version 2, the new shortcut manager offers a better interface to change your shortcuts to your liking. Say you want to paste the first Clipboard of the currently selected clipboard set using F1? Just open up the settings window and change the corresponding values under the Shortcuts tab. It's that easy. And for those who need to have shadowClipboard open for a longer period of time, there is even an option to switch from sheet mode to window mode and the window can be moved around the screen at will, and can stay open as long as desired. It can even stick to screen borders if you want it to.

shadowClipboard lets you have a user definable number of slots in an unlimited number of clipboard sets that can hold anything you might want to copy - from files and folders through images or your whole life's story in rich text format - with the first copied item falling off the list after the specified number was reached. You can of course create your own customized sets that hold your items for as long as you want. This way shadowClipboard doubles as a clipboard manager and a scrapbook - an application that was lost to the Mac OS 9 era.


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Latest version is 3.0.5 (v4000)
released on January 15, 2007.

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macCompanion review

'shadowClipboard is the clipboard manager for Mac OS X that Apple forgot.'
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MyMac review

MyMac Rating: 5 (out of 5)
Fantastic product! Well worth your money and investment. The best of its kind.
'shadowClipboard is one of those utilities that should be included in OSX. Once you start using it, you can't live without it.'
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'Softpedia guarantees that shadowClipboard 3 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean, therefore it can be installed with no concern by any computer user.'

Rated Excellent

User's Manual

Download the latest version of the shadowClipboard 3 user's manual in PDF format.

Shared Clipboards
Are you working in an office environment or do you have more than one Mac at home? Have you ever wished you could copy an URL from a web browser on one Mac and paste into an e-mail on another? shadowClipboard makes it possible*. You can easily switch to the Shared Clipboards pane and browse available shadowClipboard clipboardservers, or turn your own copy into a server for others to browse your clipboards. No setup necessary, as shadowClipboard uses Apple's ZeroConf networking called Rendezvous. shadowClipboard clients will automatically recognize each other on a local network. It's all as easy as you have come to expect from a stupidFish program.

With shadowClipboard, you can
keep and browse images, text, files and anything else you have copied to the pasteboard in the past
preview your stored clipboards
easily access all past copied items through the status item or fully customizable key-combos
use the Append Copy feature to append copied items to the pasteboard's contents, rather than replacing it
filter pasteboard types, allowing you to skip images or text to reduce memory and disk usage
use the great sheet mode or switch to window mode if you prefer to move the window around
share your clipboards with other shadowClipboard users on your local network or between users of the same Mac
paste text as-is or as plain, unformated text
manage your clipboards in clipboard sets

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*Clipboard Sharing is only available to Group User licenses

Why does shadowClipboard try to contact a webserver during startup? It tries to determine if a new version of the application is available. NO user data is sent over the internet.

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