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shadowBurn - satisfy your CD/DVD authoring needs complete with disc overburning support shadowGoogle - the power of all search engines at your fingertips shadowIP - know your IP wherever you are complete with dynamic IP checking and full customization DesktopMagik - the natural step in the evolution of the desktop view websites and watch movies on your desktop shadowClipboard - i clip therefore i am

stupidFish programming products


shadowBurn - painless CD/DVD authoring

shadowClipboard - the clipboard manager for Mac OS X

shadowGoogle - powerful desktop search interface

shadowIP - unobtrusive multiple IP monitoring

shadowDisk - all disk usage info you need

shadowGoogle light - free desktop searching


DesktopMagik - images, movies, webpages on your desktop

beta applications

InsulinDiaryX - diabetes management Mac OS X style

discontinued applications

AddressThis! - cocoa personal information manager

shadowJPEG - jpeg conversion in a snap

shadowBurn — 1.0 full download
shadowClipboard — 3.0 full download
DesktopMagik — 1.0 full download
shadowGoogle — 3.0 full download
shadowIP — 2.1 full download
InsulinDiaryX — beta 3 free download
shadowDisk — free download
shadowGoogle light — free download
shadowJPEG — free download
AddressThis! — free download

where to buy

the stupidFish online store - open 24 hours, the stupidFish online store offers online convenience


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