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stupidFish programming would like to thank all the individuals, organisations, web sites, beta testers, customers and anyone helping us to develop more and more Mac OS X Cocoa apps. This is a rather incomplete list of links to people and sites that made our life a little bit easier. A big thank-you to all of you.

Dombovári András
András is an old friend. He helped a lot when we first began writing software and is since supplying us with tons of advice concerning the usability of our apps. He also did a special stupidFish23 icon and also does Hungarian localizations. We do the hungarian Mac news portal beszéljükMac together.

Apple Computers, Inc.
We got totally hooked on the mac experience thanks to Apple. Although we were sad that Apple turned iTools into .Mac, so that we had to start paying for it, but it was worth every penny. One negative thing is the lack of PHP support.
CafeShops offers something you all love: customized apparels, hats, bags and the like. Now we can offer T-shirts, hats, mousepads and mugs with the stupidFish23 logo to all our users. Their system is very easy and we can recommend it for even the occasional seller.
Run by Marcos this site offers everything a Mac fanatic could want. And by constantly updating the site (plus by releasing some of our Cocoa Tutorials) is a must visit place for any real Mac fanatic.

Joerie Mortelmans
Joerie has been our icon designer since the first version of shadowIP came out. He is really talented and helped us a lot with creative and constructive ideas. He also gave us application ideas, like the one for shadowGoogle, which became a huge success. He also localizes our software into Dutch.

Luke McInerney
Luke is a cheeky guy from England who does Cocoa programming. He's now specializing in Java and AI as well. Always good company.

VersionTracker was the place we first posted our apps, and which started to get us users. It is still the best site for developers to release new apps.
The guys at eSellerate are awesome! They give very fast support and are always there when you need them. Their system is perfect and the best value for any shareware developer. Can only recommend them to anyone. Don't even start looking for an alternate solution to selling your software.
MacNN is the only news site that keeps releasing our press releases. Others only do so occasionally.
HasWeb has one of the cheapest and best hosting solutions available that we could find. We needed PHP and mySQL support as well as more space and bandwith (plus a mailing list manager and all the cool stuff). HasWeb has it all. And fast support response times (though you barely need them).

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