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IDX windows InsulinDiaryX - diabetes management Mac OS X style
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InsulinDiaryX, more commonly known as IDX, is an application designed to help those who have Diabetes manage their lives better. An easy to use, highly customizable interface – which can be set up to display data in big text, so even the visually impaired can use it –, weekly, monthly and custom summaries, daily and weekly graphs and weekly reports with powerfull graphs and weekly summaries all help to keep track of the valuable health information.

IDX interface preferencesInsulinDiaryX is highly customizable as you have come to expct from a stupidFish application. IDX's preferences allow you to finetune its operation and the way it displays your data. You can even set the colors of the daily or weekly graphs you create so that you could color the insulin bars to the color of the boxes they are stored in, like yellow for Actrapid and green for Insulatard, two human-like insulin types used in Europe. You can even exclude any of the insulins from appearing in the graphs you create. This way you can print or save separate graphs for all you insulin values, or make a combined one.

IDX's easy-to-master interface is divided into three parts: the navigational calendar, the daily extra part which can store daily values such as weight, medications taken and a notes and to do list, and finally the main daily table which contains daily values of blood glucose, consumed food, carbohydrates and insulin related information. Everything is right at your fingertips and you can be sure'll find what you are looking for in just a glance.
IDX main viewer

Start using IDX and you may soon start to realize how powerfull it is and how much easier managing your Diabetes has become. With a host of ever growing features IDX is the complete solution for both mmol/l and mg/dl values and for anything Diabetes related.

Download IDX now and register for beta testing to receive pre-public beta testing opportunities, special offers and other great features.

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InsulinDiaryX offers complete customization so you can use it the way you like it. If you prefer 24-hour military time or dates in international formats, just head to the preferences and you can choose from a list of pre-created date and time formats, or you can set up your own. It's all a snap with InsulinDiaryX.

With InsulinDiaryX, you can
Keep track of your blood glucose levels and injected insulin values
Manage all the information that can help you keep your Diabetes in check like blood pressure, weight or medications taken and doctor's appointments
Create weekly, monthly or custom summaries and export them to files to be imported in spreadsheet applications or print them for later reference
Print weekly reports complete with colorful and powerful graphs and weekly summaries to show your doctor on your next visit
Keep track of your eating habits and see what you have eaten when your blood glucose fluctuate much

InsulinDiaryX Feedback
Tell us Help us make InsulinDiaryX even better. We’d love to hear from you.

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