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The desktop is a great thing. It started out as a gray homogeneous backround on which the files and folders stood out and were easily located. Later the background color could be customized, giving you the ability to adjust your Mac's desktop to the mood you were in. Again later, desktop pictures were introduced, and your desktop became a ways of expressing yourself, your mood or what you thought about the world (or your work). And ever since the desktop has stayed the same. Until now.

Introducing DesktopMagik, the next step of the desktop's evolution.

With DesktopMagik you can turn your desktop into practically anything you can think of. No more boring backgrounds, no more static images. DesktopMagik brings you images, websites and movies that display and play on your desktop, right under your icons. DesktopMagik makes it all possible and as easy as anything on your Mac.

The power of DesktopMagik lies in its simplicity, unobtrusiveness and straightforwardness. DesktopMagik runs in Faceless Mode, meaning it won't show up in your dock – which is rather crowded on most Macs anyway. It runs transparently to the user, only an optional status item next to your sound and monitor settings shows that it is present.

A simple click on the DesktopMagik status icon and/or a fully customizable hotkey reveals the preferences window where you can set DesktopMagik to either display images, movies or websites on your desktop. You can even set different features, like a background fill color if the images or movies you want displayed are not the size of your screen, or even set change or reload intervals. It's all very easy and straightforward.

Web settings

DesktopMagik needs absolutely no configuration to run, but it has plenty of user customizable features to offer. With DesktopMagik you can have three basic choices: use images, movies or websites for your desktop. All three categories have their own respective settings, so you can set different background fill colors for images or movies and different time intervals for all three options. The website option even lets you customize the position and size of the given webpage and change its visibility, making it see-through if so desired. All of these settings can be changed with a few simple clicks. DesktopMagik is always there when you need it, and never in your way.

And if you need help getting started you can use DesktopMagik's built-in help system that utilizes stupidFish programming's own online help system. It's all just a click away.

Start using DesktopMagik and you may soon start to wonder how you ever managed to live with the rather boring desktop of the past.

And it's not just the movies! Since DesktopMagik uses QuickTime APIs, it can playback all files your QuickTime Player can play, that is even Macromedia Flash .swf files. So you can create amazing Flash animations that will play on your desktop.
DesktopMagik makes it all possible.


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Preferences hotkey
DesktopMagik's preferences can easily be accessed by clicking on its status item. Since menu area can be limited on some systems DesktopMagik offers the ability to remove the status item from the status bar, and to define a fully customizable hotkey instead (or as well).

Launch on Login
DesktopMagik makes it easy for you to always have it running when needed. It can be configured to always launch when Mac OS X is started, leaving you to worry about the stuff you really need to worry about: your own stuff.

With DesktopMagik, you can
set desktop background images
watch movies on your desktop
view websites on your desktop

DesktopMagik Feedback

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application icon
DesktopMagik features icons and images designed by Joerie Mortelmans.

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