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AddressThis! windows AddressThis! - the true cocoa personal information manager
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address book, notepad, emailer and bookmark organizer

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AddressThis! is a cocoa PIM (Personal Information Manager). As its name applies, it can help you manage all those little pieces of information you never know where you wrote down or where you put. AddressThis! offers everything in one place: an address book, an emailer, a scheduled event manager, a bookmark organizer and a special notes keeper with lots of extra functionality like the ability to read out loud the notes you typed in, or telling you the character count of the given note.

AddressThis! can be easily customized through its preferences and allows features such as a choice from a simple notes sheet or the rather elegant ExtraNotes! option with tons of functionality, or the ability to check for updates automatically. You can even customize which columns the contacts manager should display so you don't have to find that one column of data you were so desparately seeking. You can even send emails with AddressThis! through its built-in email sender or through your favorite email application. Be it Mail, Outlook or Entourage.

AddressThis! ExtraNotes! viewAddressThis! offers two different interfaces for storing notes. The default simple notes manager is a sheet that drops down from the main viewer's title bar, and is a list of notes that can hold simple text. But if you prefer a more robust, more feature-packed notes manager, simply activate ExtraNotes! in the preferences and you will be presented with a window, rather than a sheet. ExtraNotes! offers a drawer which keeps track of your past notes which you can title as you like. You can even make your Mac read your notes out loud, or check if you typed correctly with built-in spell checking and a character counter feature. You can even insert pictures and images into your notes of you want to spice up your jottings. Manipulate fonts and colors to your liking. ExtraNotes! gives you the power to do what you want to do. If what you want to do is keep your notes and style them the way you want.

Start using AddressThis! and you may soon start to wonder how you ever managed to keep all your precious information together. You want to keep that bookmark? Use the built-in easy to use bookmark manager. You want to send scheduled e-mail so you never forget to write that happy birthday card? You can do it with SEM, the Scheduled Event Manager. AddressThis! offers you all this and even more.

AddressThis! Scheduled Event ManagerDo you always forget that birthday or the wedding anniversary? Never again, thanks to SEM, the scheduled event manager built into AddressThis!. SEM can be set up to warn you with pop-up messages of upcoming events that can even be set to reoccur periodically – a very good thing for birthday reminders.
A clean list shows all set reminders which you can change at any time. And if you don't want to mess around with pop-ups, you can set AddressThis! to send scheduled emails with custom text at the specified dates so you don't even have to worry about that anymore.

AddressThis! was discontinued on December 1st, 2004.

AddressThis! addresses view
AddressThis! offers everything you could possibly want from an address book. You can add tons of different data to your contacts, like postal address, mobile number or email address. And with just a few clicks – courtesy of its preferences – AddressThis! lets you customize which columns of the contacts table should be shown. This way you don't have to have all those columns you never fill in visible all the time.

With AddressThis!, you can
Manage all your contacts in an easy to navigate, easy to modify clean table
Jot down notes and keep them organized
Manage your bookmarks and launch them with your favorite browser in a snap
Send scheduled email reminders or get pop-up notifications set to special dates

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